Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rollerblading fun

The whole season I have not rollerbladed once.  It was a gorgeous day.  Bob wanted to takes pictures at the lake.  We'd just had a coffee with Eireannn and Craig, I dropped him off and went home to get Mortie.  Then I thought why not bring the rollerblades.

Back at the park,  Mortie and I had a lovely time.  Many people pronounced him cute.  He got a bit of a run.

It only broke down when we stopped for a photo for our blog.  "Stand over there where the light is better" said Bob.  Somehow in posing, maybe Mortie tugged, certainly not hard, I started to fall backwards.  I did the mad whirly bird but to no avail.

I landed on my left hand.  Nothing else hurt.  But my fingers felt numb.  My bottom forearm seemed disconnected from the bottom.  "I broke my arm"  I told Bob.   it was a very distinctive twisty feeling.

Four hours later I'm sporting this lovely hot pink cast.  Now  I'm typing with one hand.

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