Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beach time

The way I read it, our cottage was supposed to have a view of the ocean and I thought it was situated right at the beach.
But no. We saw a glimpse of ocean from across the highway. It was partially obstructed by herring smoking plants. Cap Pelee
is the smoked herring capital of Canada. If there had been a large herring monument, you know we would have been so there!
So we had to drive to a rather weedy shallow beach that sometimes smelled of herring, or seaweed. Lots of sea creatures scuttled around on the ocean floor so I didn't frolic as much as I'd hoped in the water.

The cliche New Brunswick Experience: Hopewell Rock

The list of things we had to do on our vacation was pretty small, eat Lobster, go to the beach a lot and visit Hopewell Rocks.
We arrived at high tide, took photos, ate ice cream and played on the equipment, well Hunter did, I just said "Good one!" "Go for it!" and such and walked Mortie around. Then at 2:00 in the afternoon we headed down and walked the length of the beach admiring the flower pot formations. The picture of me was taken by Hunter, otherwise I don't usually get to appear in my blog much.

The Lobster Experience

Some people asked me why I chose Cap Pelee for my cottage rental. It looked like a kid friendly cottage complete with a playground and toyroom and it was supposed to be on the beach. But it was close to the lobster capital of Canada. Of course we had to take pictures in front of the largest lobster and then we brought the smaller already cooked version home to try.

How can something so ugly and difficult to get at taste so delicious?