Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cast Off

This is an x-ray of my well healed wrist. The technician took a buzz saw to my cast and off it came. It was scary and I felt an uncomfortable warmth when the blade neared the swollen part of my wrist. Afterwards I could wash my whole hand and arm. The fingers looked white, the tanned skin of my wrist and arm flaked off like on a glazed donut. That wrist still looks plump and feels very odd. I can't hold a coffee cup even empty in my left hand. Actually, the doctor observed me holding my book in it and was impressed. But I did go swimming and soaking in the hot tub as therapy.

Winter Wonderland

If you don't have to shovel, snow is great.  Way better than grey wet days.    Here's Mortie enjoying a frolic.  Then I noticed he was lifting and limping on his hind paws.  Zeller's had a sale on doggie boots but instead I found this parka.  Nothing says winter dog fashion better...don't you think.