Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Horn Sheep and Lussier Hot Springs

We decided to take the hotel manager's advice and drive up a steep logging road, White Swan Park, and find a natural hot springs. (free) Cattle drifted onto this gravel pathway around a cliff and deer scampered across. Pine trees blanketed the hills as far as the eye could see. If you weren't gripping the handle of the car door or biting your nails, the scenery dazzled you.
the end was a pool of sulphur smelling water among the rocks along side a fast running stream way hotter than the regular commercial hotsprings at Radium. Nothing aches when you soak in a hot springs. You can't feel stress while you're floating.
One of the reasons I chose Radium as our holiday base was the abundance of Big horn sheep. The animals you see gamboled along just outside our hotel. We hiked along a trail beside them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working Vacation

Right now we're in Chateau Europe which has this lovely view from the balcony. We're waiting for the manager to bring us our restaurant certificate for the Saltzberg. We're also heading for the hot springs before our dinner. A few blocks away a herd of curly horned sheep ran along side us on the highway. Yesterday we enjoyed turkey dinner at Heritage Place, a historic village in Calgary. We took a cold steamer boat ride through ice--it's the last ride of the season-- and hitched a train tour. Don't you just love those old black locomotives that belch smoke out in huge clouds? Something romantic about them.