Friday, July 11, 2008

Research Part of Holiday

A few hours out of our way, the Pointe au Pere Sea Museum feature the Empress of Ireland. I wanted to really understand the deck system for my third class passenger/character ten-year-old William Alton. I'll have to compare my photos of models to the book I have at home. It's a lot of work for a few sentences in a book that's largely about flycatching.

Quebec City

This is the amazing fountain given as a 400th year birthday present from a department store owner to Quebec City. Originally, it won a prize at a world fair back in the 1800's. At the bottom there are frogs either spitting water to the next layer or projectile vomiting it right to the top.

Quebec is crowded with tourists and people celebrating the summer festival. The old town is quaint and filled with shops and cafes, still not a lot to entertain a seven year old. We did watch a juggler who climbed and balanced the ladder and then juggled torches from the top.

Pet Friendly travelling

Our first hotel provided a lovely two room suite, a kitchen sink but no microwave or fridge or more importantly pool.
That was all fine, however, they charged an additional $25 for our dog. Didn't matter that he wasn't a Great Dane or that
he never so much as woofed or shed a hair.

At the Quebec tourism board we asked about dining in outdoor cafe "avec notre petit chien". "Si il est calme" you can eat with your dog.

Naha. We couldn't eat with Mortie. So we shared an ice cream cone overlooking the old harbour and later snuck in Mortie to our next hotel. With the $25 we saved we enjoyed a Hawaiian pizza togther.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On the Road again...

We're very excited to be on the road to our rented cottage in Shediac. Mortie's not usually a good car traveller.
In fact he's the only dog I know who hates the car. But we loaded up his bed on top of a suitcase and snuggling with Hunter
in the back he slept most of the way.

Nothing exciting has happened so far but the trip has been good. We stopped in Montreal, did nothing but eat.
Today we're hoping for some historic scenery in Quebec City.

Owen's Christening

We ditched the dogs for a day to see Owen's Christening. Wow, once the church gets you in you have to kneel, pray, kneel, pray, kneel, pray..sing.

Still it was a lovely chance to visit with Kelly and Joey and baby Owen. The food was delicious. Owen was cute.
A happy day.

Mortie Has a sleepover friend

Some days when we know we're going to be away a long time we send Mortie to friend's place: Niles.
He's an older, slightly bigger, apricot coloured poodle who is very good natured. Mortie and Niles have
been running through the park together and wrestling.

The downside is that Niles has become too attached to me, emitting the most ungodly highpitched yelp when I return from say taking the paper in. Also he's not perfectly house trained.

Craig and Eireann are getting married

We attended the first shower for Eireann, my future daughter in law. Craig and Eireann announced they were getting married in April. The wedding will be August 9 and is going to be beautiful. How can it fail with such a beautiful bride! Eireann and Craig make a great couple and I love when they try to cheer a crying baby, singing songs and making faces together. Of course we don't have any crying babies around any more. Yet... Jen will have a baby December so that will change again

Mortie Gets to Go On a Press Junket

Mortie doesn't get invited to a lot of events but when PawsWay opened he not only got to go but ended up on television and in the newspaper all because he's cute. He also ignored some lovely biscuits, got weighed (11.5 pounds) and enjoyed watching other dogs go through obstacle courses. While he's super smart, he didn't do well on the pet intelligence test because it was all about retrieving a biscuit from under a big plastic cup. Remember those biscuits he didn't like? So he never bothered flipping the cup which would have made him a genius. Well he's smart enough to know what he doesn't like