Thursday, August 02, 2012

Staircase Theatre: Harold in the Hammer

Live theatre and the room was filled with young as well as older audience.  I guess because the tickets are well priced $10 for adults, $8 for students, close to curtain time rush seating is free.  However, there were no seats left.  This show followed on the heels of the Hamilton Fringe Festival, the plays of which we attended had plenty of seats.  But again plenty of young people too.   How refreshing.

Scott Lloyod of Flint Improv Co, gave these actors lessons for six week culminating in this spectacle.
A Harold is a segment of an improv show.  The Hammer, I'm told, represents Hamilton.  So what happens is a leader from each group  HUGE Pimpin, Know Konsensus and JJJAWSS, talks to the audience introduces their members and then calls for a word to act as the theme of their performance.  My daughter Jen's group HUGE Pimpin got Canada's Wonderland, my suggestion actually.  I quite enjoyed how Jen turned into an five year old trying to be tall enough for a roller coaster.  Her fellow mom improvee, Becca, became Jen's Mom.  Becca and Jen have know each other since kindergarden.   The  over the top physicality as well as the adlibbing provide wonderful humour.

What a great romp!  But what I like most is that the arts provided enrichment for the participants as well as the audience.  I think the cast had fun preparing, it's therapy for moms usually stuck with kids and their demands all day. The audience had fun watching.  And all at a price competitive to the Silver Screen.

Perhaps we're entering a renaissance age.  Step away from your iPad and computer--not until you've checked what's on at Staircase Theatre. Or your own local theatre.  Then enjoy some live entertainment.