Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great character, wonderful read

Instead of working day and night, I'm enjoying some reading lately.  I loved Home Free, Sharon Jenning's new book with Sumach.  It's set in the 60's and she's able to capture snippets of the oddity of that era.  The way our parents talked to us or handled abuse or even how acceptable harsh discipline was in that era.  But I love the gutsy girl--which is how the whole series is named.  She wants a friend and becomes an even better one to the secondary character and to the reader.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mortie learns to drive

Because we were leaving our jackapoo Mortie with Jen and Adam and because William is crazy for cars, we succumbed to buying a silly carbed for Mortie.  We kind of knew he'd prefer his old chewed up one and we were right.

We found Hunter loved driving down the stairs in the car. William enjoyed sitting in it.  We even placed baby Jadzia in it to lure Mortie just to try.

Finally we stuffed his old bed inside and he sleeps in it just fine.
I notice he has removed the windshield though.