Monday, September 17, 2012

The literary experience Telling Tales Style

Captain Underpants fights bad educators everywhere.
 What I learned from Goodreads is that it's okay to read YA literature when you're not...well... a YA yourself.  I can tell by the people who select my own novel Crush. Candy. Corpse as a "to read".  They're at least old enough to wield a credit card, often in their thirtys +.

 That fact frees me to enjoy a Children's Literature Festival when I'm not on duty as a parent or performing/reading author.

Why does a writer go when they aren't paid?  To meet their friends.  I love bumping into all the writers I don't see on a regular basis.  Captain Underpants is not a writer and I haven't met Dav Pilkey or bought his latest yet but my grandson  Hunter and I have enjoyed his antics between pages so why not have my photo taken with him.
Deborah Ellis often writes about Afghanistan and serious socialist issues but I'm on a mystery kick so I bought her True Blue to see a different side of her. 
Deborah Ellis talking about Afghanistan
Norah McClintock explaining her title Close to the Heel
 Norah McClintock spoke about her contribution to Eric Walters' new series.  Close to the Heel is set in Iceland.  I was so impressed that she travelled to Iceleand to research the book.  (I doubt a Canadian advance would cover the airfare)  Still she told me later how beautiful Iceland was and I hope to enjoy the setting through the story, don't think I'll ever make it there.
Granddaughter Jadzia in rapture with the chicken

And even though I'm not on parent duty, a plus of Telling Tales is meeting my grownup kids and grandchildren.  I introduced Jennifer to Ruth Ohi who has a bunch of new Chicken Pig and Cow picture books out.  We're big fans.
These chickens seemed doglike in their enjoyment of being caressed and patted.

Besides meeting terrific authors in a very intimate setting, getting up close and personal with the livestock is always a lovely relaxing between reading thing to do at Westfield.  Farmhands are dressed from the long dress and bonnet days. 

Lovely fall sunshine and stopping at a market for fresh peaches and corn round off a perfect day.