Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Night time visitors

Mortie, the jackapoo, was upset, trembling and whimpering.  We slid back the patio door to our balcony and there on the railing sat the three fattest raccoons I've ever seen.  I mean they were small bears.  

Mortie growled his deepest most threatening rumble.  One of the racoons hissed.  None of them budged.  In fact they posed for a long time.  I suggested my husband the photographer set up his tripod, reflective umbrella, and any other equipment he needed to properly take their portrait as they were clearly going to pose until the compost box arrived.

Meanwhile, Mortie and I are holed up in my office.  Mortie's still whimpering and clawing at me.

"But Mortie, they're way bigger than you are!"


Super Happy Jen said...

Those are definitely some large raccoons. You'd think it would be hard for an animal that size to stay hidden during the day, but they manage somehow.

Super Happy Jen said...

Next blog entry you have to do with one hand! You have to blog all about the death-defying roller blading stunt that ended in a broken arm. Get well soon (but not before we sign your cast).