Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Registering for Gifts When You Break a Limb

It's like my birthday and everyone says poor me.  Also it's the time of year when all the literary shortlists are announced and mostly I'm not on them.  I'm invited to help celebrate everyone else's success.

So this arm break is most timely.  I'm having a pity party. My friend and author of Grave Danger, Gisela Sherman,made me a wonderful lasagne.  And see here my friend Eleanor bought me an inspiring red wine.I wanted to sip it with my pasta but I'm taking Tylenol 3 with codeine.  That might have put me into a coma. Wonder what kind of prezzies my buddies would come up with then.

Okay, I am inspired.  I will wean myself from the painkillers so that I can enjoy the wine.  I should also mention, my daughter Robin bought me yoga pants so I could dress independently. 

Thank you Gisela, Eleanor and Robin.  To the the rest of my devoted blog readers:  Go out and buy Last Chance for Paris.  It's the only way you can ease the sting of lost nominations, broken limbs and careers. 

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