Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Norwegian translation of Dying to Go Viral: Tur-retur evigheten

In English I've titled this story Dying to Go Viral.  In Norwegian, it appears to be Tur-Retur evigheten. Fourteen-year old Jade dies "skitching", skateboarding hitched to the back of a car.  She promised her dad she would wear a helmet at all times but her boy crush wanted to video her with her long hair blowing in the wind.  She awakes in a beautiful Japanese garden and meets her long dead mom.  Jade begs for another chance at life but is only able to secure a retake of her last week.  Still no one will be able to make her perform that stupid stunt again.  Jade manages to change all kinds of destiny in a positive way but can she evade her death?  You have to hope an English speaking publisher picks up the title so you can read the end.

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