Friday, June 03, 2011

Dinner Before Margaret Laurence

The real fun of The Writers Union AGM, or perhaps any day of workshops, is the people you meet over dinner.  Sadly in a bid to save money for writers, there is no forced breaking of bread at current meetings. Except for the banquet which is very, very fun (no one dances quite like a writer) but pricey.

But through the magic of social networking, 17 of some of my closest buddies from across Toronto and Canada got together at Jack Astor's before the Margaret Laurence Address.  Ah, you have to love Facebook sometimes cause it helps us meet up face to face.  Let's see if I can name the writers, Jo-Ellen Bogart, Della Buford, Ann Walsh, Norma Charles, Barbara, Ellen Jaffe, Sylvia McNicoll(me)
Gisela Sherman, Andrea Wayne von Koningslow, Jocelyn Shipley,  Deb Loughead and Jack.
Tucked away at the other table are a few more friends, but the waiter didn't include them in the shot.
Maybe they were late.  Feel free to fill in the last names I'm missing.

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