Friday, May 27, 2011

Do Not Photocopy this page--Grant Me Less Confusion

Today I'm writing from the conference of the Courtyart Mariott during the Writers' Union AGM lunch break.  On the way here, as it was close, I delivered a grant application to Ontario Arts Council.

It's a sweaty process.  From finding the correct box in which to mail five copies of 40 pages, to deciding whether your manuscript is (tick the box off) Literature or Young Adult.  Also I'm confused by the instructions to "Not Photocopy" certain pages  What if I do?  I'm supposed to keep a complete copy of the application afterall.  How would "they" know.  It's like removing the White Material tag from a stuffed animal.

We're supposed to use a 12 pt font, put name and address on one title page and use a header with the title of the work exactly as it appears on the application form (the one you can't photocopy)  AND  use  both sides of the page.  That was a new one on me.  Too late.  I think it's an environmental move so redoing the 200 pages to comply would be counter productive.

No matter.  At least I delivered it by hand.  I almost hope for a postal strike so mine will be one of only a few applications.  Then they won't throw me away over the photocopying issue or the one side of the page usage.

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