Monday, February 15, 2010

SkyRide in Death on YouTube

Jade only has a week to live or really a week to relive of her previous life. Except she changes everything by committing to a list, essentially a bucket list. On it is skydiving which you can't do unless you're 18 and she's 14. So she goes indoor skydiving at Niagara Falls instead. Yes you have to be 18 to try it without a parent present but even a 7 year old can do it with her parents there. I figure it's easier to get by the rules with someone else's ID than it would be actually jumping from an airplane. After the "skydive", Aiden, the boy who will ultimately kill her, suggests the SkyRide.

Well you can research blogs and study advertisement on the ride all you want, you're never going to feel the experience unless you do it. I would ordinarily never go on the SkyRide because I would expect to feel nauseous. But because of Jade's list, I went on and it was lovely. Not scary, just a very slow turn up in the sky which gives you yet another view of The Falls.

After the SkyRide, I think I will try the ferris wheel on Centre Island too.

Next Jade's dad will give her a surprise ride on a hotair balloon. It's winter, there's no way I can try it. I'm waiting for a friend to tell me all about her experience this year trying it.

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Super Happy Jen said...

You have to try everything Jade tries. Does this mean you have to try skateboarding Marty McFly style?