Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The holiday part of the tour

Today we enjoyed spectacular sunshine in the Rockies...and cross country skiing in Canmore, 11 kilometres of it. The trails at the Nordic Centre are groomed more carefully than the roads in to Calgary from my brief experience here. There was a snow dump on Saturday and on Monday some of the streets are still snowy trails. Conversely, the Banff trail resembles a highway-- there is plenty of room for all levels and types of skiiers to play side by side.

We're not fit or skilled but slip sliding along allows plenty of opportunity to get different views of the Three Sisters Mountains.

Tomorrow we begin the work part--but it's also a lot of fun--and that is to meet potential readers.


Super Happy Jen said...

Look at those mountains! I've got to get out there some day.

ellene said...

i like this blog and nice to know u and ur experiences..