Thursday, March 05, 2009

Christmas and of the year wrap up

So much time has gone by but I did want to record some high events from the end of 2008. The most important one won't be mentioned right in this blog as I have to hunt for a camera cord connection to upload a good image.

This year I decided on no presents for adults. It sounds like a me, me decision but I consulted around the family. No consensus was ever reached on a time when all four families could meet even though I was willing to put on lavish spreads for any day they chose. So we couldn't opt for a Secret Santa or that gift game where there's a lot of trading back and forth.

It was the right decision financially for my family. Emotionally it was a downer because shopping for that perfect gift, whether you achieve it or not, is fun.

Still some highlights of Christmas that don't involve presents were: We went to the city with Hunter to see Aladdin, the Ross Petty musical. Very funny. And we ate burritos for a magazine Whine and Dine review before. I even enjoyed a margarita in a plastic glass and we still came in under budget. The Christmas tree is from Nathan Philips Square. City decorations are always a highlight for me.

We also went snowshoeing for Today's Parent Toronto. You can read about that in the March issue. I just keep hoping it will snow one more time so readers can try it for themselves. The highlight really was just the absolute prettiness of all that snow. It's something I wrote about again and again in my last Wild Life book: The Nine MInute Disaster Zone.

That book and the March deadline was the main reason for no postings all this time.

Now I shall go hunt for a photo to document the most exciting Christmas event of all.


Super Happy Jen said...

You could have just swiped a pic of Miss J off my blog. Seems silly to wait to announce her birth, she's already 2 months old!

Sylvia McNicoll said...

Ah you young whipper snippers are so impatient. I was heightening tension...drawing out the moment.
I think it's time to change your identi-photo. Otherwise Jadzia will complain someday.