Monday, October 27, 2008

Sharon McKay's Book Launch

Saturday it was our privilege to join in the celebration of a new book:  War Brothers by Sharon McKay.  We'd already read about how she'd researched the story in an article she'd written for Hamilton Magazine about a year ago.

Launches are always such hard work for the author.  I think they mark the beginning of even more hard work to sell writing that should just fly off the shelves because it's good.  Sharon shouldn't have to put on a great meal for us all.

But it was delightful for us readers and fans.  I've already read War Brothers--what a contrast to Anne of Green Gables but the characters are that irrepressible and engaging.  How lucky to be born in an island of Canada and not Uganda. 

Congratulations to Sharon.  She's written a wonderful story with impact and hope.

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