Monday, September 01, 2008

A day at the beach and the wedding couple returns

Sunday of Labour Day Weekend and it turned out to be the most beautiful sunny warm day--too beautiful for actual labour.
So I googled for the most pet friendly beach on our Provincial Parks Pass and that turned out to be Rock Point near Dunnville.

The beach felt a little rocky under my feet but the waves and water felt great. Mortie went for one swim more than Bob although after rolling in fish, he went for a forced dunk.

Monday, Craig and Eireann returned from Greece. We stood waiting at the airport just long enough for me to imagine worst case scenario honeymoons--happily all were wrong. They loved their two weeks away and wished it could have been longer. They stopped back at our house for a welcome home feast complete with corn from the little bent over lady's farm--we bought it on the way home from the beach. Adam and Jen joined us with baby William.

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