Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mortie gets groomed for the wedding

We like Mortie fluffy but some dog owners suggested that since he had poodle in him he needed to be "groomed" read shaved.
So we thought we'd try. It's hot out, he'd at least be cooler. My friend Carol Bryant owns a grooming shop and only charged me "cat rates". How embarassing for Mortie. She shaved every part of his body and trimmed the hair around his ears.

What do you think? Should Mortie grow back the fluff or should he continue to visit Carol?

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Super Happy Jen said...

I don't see why the human obsession with vanity should extend to our animals. If his haircut makes him more comfortable in the summer, or helps ward off burrs, then go for it. But it isn't as iff Morty cares what his hair looks like.