Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Franklin Gardens

On Saturday of Labour Day Weekend, I was slated to perform at Franklin Garden on Centre Island. First I needed to meet up with the other author Gwen Molinar from Edmonton and make sure she was set up properly at the story stage. I knew that we needed some promotion as on the island the author visits are not publicized much. The year before the flyer my daughter Robin had created for me didn't help much. What to do?

Well since the story I wanted to tell was The Biggest Little Dog, I decided to use Mortie as my walking advertisement. I cut up a t shirt of mine and used a permanent marker to write about my reading. Did it work? Well, sure it make me feel like I was doing something. And Mortie always draws a lot of attention. I had a nice crowd at Franklin and I enjoyed talking to them and giving away free books.


Super Happy Jen said...

This is the cutest thing ever. How did Mortie like wearing a T-shirt?

Sylvia McNicoll said...

You know Mortie, he likes to earn his keep. After running a bit, his front legs came out of the t-shirt sockets and it became more like a cape, also very cute.

Some Japanese tourists stopped to take his photo.
Picture Toronto Island complete with gorgeous views of CN Tower, waterfountains, beautiful gardens-and tourists squatting down to take Mortie's picture.